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About company


CryptoBulls is a modern product of the international cooperation and merge of corporate interests at the international level. The company began its way as small association of like-minded in the branch of trading in 2010. For the next 6 years we have grown up to the serious investment fund capable to steadily give 25% of profit on investments made by investors. During formation of the company we have managed to create group of professionals which numbering 35 people and over 100 trade strategies have been developed and introduced in practice of trading, many of which remain unique and today. As a result of such successful activity in December, 2015 we have managed to conclude the bargain on merge to the perspective company specializing in a mining and trading by cryptocurrencies. It became a starting point of our development in new quality. The turnover investment capital received as a result of merge has given us the chance to considerably increase computing capacities of mining and to rise up the trade strategies to the faultless level of stability.

On September 6, 2016 in London has been registered the CryptoBulls company which as the main business vector has chosen the following directions of commercial specialization:

  • Forex trading
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Trading by cryptocurrencies

In April, 2017 the management of the company came to a conclusion that has came the time to expand a business influence of the investment fund in the greatest possible level. And in this regard has been made the decision on provision of opportunities of passive earnings online for investors from around the world. For this purpose was created the investment online platform, capable to provide a high income for investors at the Internet, realizing control of private investments by means of the convenient interface and permanently high-quality service. This unique opportunity was embodied in reality in July, 2017 and now each client of the company can control investments un the online mode, gaining stable passive income.


The trading division of the company has 30 exchange traders and 4 analytics from around the world which works for permanently best result of the performed commercial deals at the Forex market and at the cryptocurrency world exchanges. The company effectively makes use of experience of employees and actively performs trade operations by the 28 currency pairs, using at the same time 4 trade strategy, that reduces risks of losses to the practical zero. It is the main criterion of the business performing by the company: to provide the full safety of funds of investors. Performing the diversification of the investment directions and regulating trade interventions according to each deal of no more than 5% of the trading account balance, the company guarantees common profitability of all deals by any trading session. Besides, the company’s management personally makes the decision on performing of trade operations which volume can exceed the limits, which have beet set for traders. Common goals and control of trading accounts allow us to provide confidently a high passive online income for investors, having based on the long-term trading experience of traders.

Having direct access to interbank liquid assets and using high-speed of arrays data transmission lines, our traders get advantages at the performing of trade operations:

  • Efficiency of the information obtaining
  • High speed of the warrants creating
  • Instantly deals performing
  • Accuracy of the indexes forecasting

Successful trading by currency pairs and cryptocurrencies and also the ASIC-mining of cryptocurrencies,creates conditions for the safe and favorable cooperation, available to investors from around the world. Discover the success with CryptoBulls together.