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How to start to gain passively a high income in the CryptoBulls company?

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Everyone, who intends to cooperate stablly with our company and to get a high passive income online, must to take only 2 steps:

  • 01.To create the personal account in our investment program. For this purpose click the Sign up button and further follow automatic instructions of system.
  • 02.To create an investment at the company. Use for this purpose your personal account.

Click the Add funds button. Further type the amount, which you want to invest and select an investment offer and electronic payment system. Confirm your choice and pay the payment order after that the system of the company’s website redirects you to the payment system selected by you. Further you will be redirected to your personal account again. Your investment is active and will start to bring a profit for you according to conditions of the investment solution, selected by you.


  • 01.The amount, which you intend to invest has to correspond to conditions of the investment offer which you have chosen;
  • 02.Your account balance in the electronic payment system which you have chosen for investing has to be an amount, sufficient to create investment taking into account additional transaction commissions of this electronic payment system;
  • 03.You can’t create one investment, using for this purpose more than one electronic payment system.
  • 04.The investments performing with using of the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solid Trust Pay electronic payment systems can be activating upto 24 hours. It is caused by certain features of the payments confirmation in these electronic payment systems.

How to withdraw the earned funds?

  • 01.To withdraw the earned funds, just log in the personal account and check your Account Balance.
  • 02.Then click the Withdrawalbutton, select electronic payment system which shall correspond to the currency of an account balance and type the amount, which is available on an account balance at present.
  • 03.Confirm your choice.

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 8 hours.


  • 01.At the need of maintainance of the website and systems and also in cases when instant payments disabled directly electronic payment systems, instant processing of the payment requests of funds will be suspended untill of these factors return to initial operating state in full;
  • 02.The requests for funds withdrawal with using of the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solid Trust Pay, Payza electronic payment systems may be processed up to 12 hours. It is caused by certain features of the payments confirmation in these electronic payment systems.